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  • Engineering Project:

            Health care purification engineering

    Project Content:

            Operating Room, Obstetrics, Infantile Disease, Room (NICU), ICU (Intensive care unit), Burn Ward, And Dissecting Room, Purification Laboratory, Artificial Dialysis Room,etc

    Project Scale:

  • Aidacom CleanTech is located in south of China, Shezhen city, was established in 2002. It's a professional cleanroom construction engineering company, specialized in cleanroom turnkey project from design and construction to cleanroom maintenance from Class 10 to Class 300K. Our customers are involved in many industries such as electronic manufacturing, biopharmacy, printing, packaging, food, daily necessities, photoelectricity, optics, medical treatment and public health and takes prevalence among the clients.

    Construction Design
    Professional Design Team and experience construction team
    Create high standards, high quality Cleanroom Projects
    a. Specialized in making class 10 ~ 3000000 Cleanroom Project for 15 years
    b. A member of the China Electronics Society Clean Technology Branch
    c. According to ISO 14644-1 standard and The Certificate of Enterprise Credit Grade
    Make a reasonable offer according to the preliminary design and sign the contract.
    Preliminary Design
    Design commucnitatons
    Project confirmation
    Test and Inspection
    Work out the draft drawing according to the cleanroom requirement
    Project Construction
    Reformation of food clean workshop
    Class300,000 Cleanroom Project
    Large-scale Electronic industry Cleanroom project
    Medical cleanroom | Hospital operation Cleanroom Project
    FFU cleanroom
    Hospital operation Cleanroom Project
    Operation cleanroom veranda
    Operation cleanroom
    Biological pharmaceutical cleanroom
    Biological pharmaceutical cleanroom project
    Food and beverage cleanroom project
    Beverage clean workshop
    Optical microelectronics cleanroom project
    Optical industry cleanroom workshop and series project
    PV Cleanroom
    Optical microelectronics cleanroom project
    PV Cleanroom Project
    Microelectronics industry Cases
    Calss100 Semiconductor Clenroom
    Semiconductor Cleanroom
    Maintain and After Service
    Keywords:Cleanroom Design, Cleanroom Construction, GMP Cleanroom
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    Communicate with customers to know the
    details about the cleanrom requirement
    Clean industry Q & A

    一. Entrance Control:

    1Clean safety shoes with shoe cover and helmet are required in the clean stage

    2All person shall not enter or exit from closed door or other location except designated air lock room.

    3Forbid entering with other worker badge.(200 RMB confiscate both badges

    4Entrance control for materials, machines, tools shall be assuredthese materials is clean and without oil stain.

    5Bringing unapproved tools and materials.

    6Material entry or exit form special materials entrance.

    7Cleanroom gloves are required in the ultra clean stage area.

    8Clean working clothes are required in the ultra clean stage area.

    二.Cleanroom Housekeeping

    1Trash dumpsters or containers must be used in fab by all.

    2Materials for the interior of the building will arrive on site individually packed. Dirty materials shall be unpacked outside the building in a designated area. The outer box will be removed and disposed of into trash containers.

    3Orderly storage of material at designated area has to be assured during all stages of construction.

    4Vacuum cleaners have to be used to remove dust/rubbish; Brooms are not allowed(Daily housekeeping).

    5Vacuum cleaners have to be used to remove dust all time when carrying out dust working, such drilling.

    6.HEPA filter vacuum cleaners have to be used to doing housekeeping.

    7.All trash must be collected at any moment during work.

    8Tidy your work area after work done.

    9All trash and spent materials must be removed daily.

    10.Tidy your storage area.

    11.No smoking allowed in clean room.

    12.No food or beverages allowed in clean room.

    13.Forbid urinating or spitting.

    三.Cleanroom Construction Requirement:

    1.No work without permit or expired permit

    2Wipe down ladder before entering clean area, especially working platform.

    3Dirty platform must be removed form cleanroom.

    4Unpainted sprinkle pipe on raise floor in cleanroom.

    5Dirty work not allowed without approved isolation.

    6Temporary construction walls must be erected to isolate cleanroom from contamination generated during work.

    7Forbid to do any cutting in cleanroom.

    8Booth must erect for welding or hot work.

    9Gas cylinder should wrap with plastic sheet.

    10Placing and isolating wires and cable on height.

    11Keep the corridor clean and clear; do not obstruct the corridor.

    12Forbid opening any emergency door except emergency.

    13.Prefabrication shall complete outside of the cleanroom when using welding or cutting.

    四.Piping foothold

    1Only Scrubbed/general exhaust ducting and electrical cable tray are sufficient strength for foothold.

    2No step or pull PVC piping, plastic piping, hazardous chemical pipes, small stainless steel pipes, etc.

    3Do not step on FFU.

    五.Protection for ground and wall

    1Scaffold wheels or any other wheels shall be wrapped with approved tape to protect ground.

    2Note booties on ladder feet. .

    3Noted new cleanroom taped to wheels if it was dirty.

    4Replaced a new cleanroom taped if it was lose or damaged.

    5Must lay floor protection vinyl sheet or plastic sheet below ladders or working platform.

    6Lay floor protection vinyl sheet or plastic sheet below materials.

    7Avoid oil stains on the floor due to the dirty work at cleanroom.

    8Do not lay any materials or tools next to cleanroom wall; Away cleanroom wall at least 1 meter.

    9.Moving tools or materials must be off ground. 

    Clean room working instructions

    The premises dedicated to the manufacture of medicinal products have to be monitored. Depending on the type of product to manufacture and whether it is a sterile or a non-sterile medicinal product, the requirements are more or less demanding. Besides, the amount of rules to be respected also increases the greater the risk of contamination for the product is. Consequently, most regulations and the most demanding requirements exist for the monitoring of rooms dedicated to the production of sterile medicinal products.


    The substantial size for room/cleanroom monitoring is the particle concentration. It determines the cleanroom class which has to be first demonstrated in the qualification and reiterated in the context of re-requalification. Where and how particles in the critical zone A (= ISO class 4.8) have to be measured is directly laid down in Annex 1 of the EU GMP Guide.


    With regard to the turbulent streamed rooms (B, C, D) that surround the sterile core A, Annex 1 requires the use of ISO 14644-1 (2015). By naming it in a mandatory GMP regulation, this ISO standard is also mandatory but only for sterile manufacturing. ISO 14644-1 (2015) contains a table listing the number of measuring points depending on the room size but only for the measurements concerning the qualification/re-qualification of the cleanroom determination with regard to particle concentration.


    However, a risk-based approach should define the number and positions of the measuring points. Here, ISO 14644-2 applies. According to the technical interpretation of Annex 1 (PIC/S PI 032-2), permanent particle monitoring is required for zone A and indirectly for zone B too.


    Microbiological monitoring is also described in a standard. But DIN EN ISO 14698 provides no details about the number of measuring points per area but requires a risk-based approach.


    With regard to the manufacture of non-sterile forms, there are far fewer regulations. However, this greater degree of freedom often leads to uncertainties. Usually, one leans against the classification A-D and defines own zones such as D', E and F where each zone has an own and separated monitoring concept.

    How to perform Cleanroom Monitoring
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    Test the system and do inspection as per contract. Report the cleanroom test result and sign the cleanroom completions file
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